Mr. Bee

Sweet Notes...

Marbleized Easter Eggs



You will need:

A tray of some sorts

Shaving cream

Cardstock or construction paper

Acrylic paints


A toothpick, paintbrush, or spoon (something to swirl the paint)


How to do it...

1.     Squirt enough shaving cream on the tray to cover the surface.  Spread

it around to make the surface relatively even, it won't be smooth.

2.     Once you have your shaving cream on the tray, squirt some acrylic paint onto it.

3.     Using cardstock cut out egg shapes.

4.     Press your paper into the paint/shaving cream and let it sit for a few seconds. 

5.     Remove the paper by lifting it straight up.  Let the paint/shaving cream sit on the paper for a couple of minutes before squeegeeing it off the paper. 

6.     Gently and smoothly squeegee the shaving cream off the paper.  It will remove the shaving cream, but not the paint. 

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